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Tamilnadu Issues APPC Rate For FY 2020-21


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Tamilnadu Electricity regulatory commission (TNERC) recently passed a notification that the average power purchase cost (APPC) for the financial year 2020-21 as INR 4.37/unit.


TNERC has also passed an order  that the power purchase cost payable by TANGEDCO to NCES generators is INR 4.37/unit or 75% of the preferential tariff fixed by the Commission to that category / sub category of NCES generators. 

TNERC has increased the APPC cost by INR 0.3/unit for FY 2020-21 as compared to INR 4.097/kWh in FY 2019-20. 

The trend of TNERC APPC cost is as below:

Image Source: RECONNECT

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