Renewable Manufacturing Taskforce Is Key To Maximise Clean Energy Opportunities For NSW

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The Clean Energy Council welcomes the announcement by the New South Wales Government that it will support and enhance local supply chains and employment with the development of its landmark renewable energy zones.


The state’s commitment in establishing a Renewable Manufacturing Taskforce is the right place to begin, enabling thorough analysis of the natural advantages and strengths of existing local supply chains to meet the needs of a significant renewable energy build.


It will also identify the supply chain gaps and opportunities that require government support so that the state can strengthen local capability and capture the maximum economic value for its local manufacturing sector.


To be meaningful, any local content targets must reflect the local capabilities and competitive strengths of NSW, and Australia more broadly.


However, local content targets must also deliver genuine outcomes for local communities and workers. The NSW Government has an opportunity to leverage its spend to deliver ‘bigger and better’ results for its regional communities and businesses.

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We must give this taskforce time to undertake the necessary analysis to maximise the economic and workforce outcomes as NSW positions itself as a clean energy superpower.

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