UL Recognizes Trina Solar for Achievement of Environmental Product Declaration


UL, the global safety science leader, is pleased to announce that Trina Solar received UL’s Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certifications for its photovoltaic (PV) products, promoting transparency on their environmental impact. Trina Solar is the first solar technology manufacturer to receive EPDItaly certification through the Mutual Recognition Program between UL and ICMQ, founder of EPDItaly. An EPD discloses a product’s life cycle environmental impact and helps investors and owners of PV power plants identify sustainable products.


Demand for renewable energy, such as solar power, is on the rise, especially in Europe and North America. The International Energy Agency estimated that by 2030, solar PV will meet one-third of electricity demand growth. The EPDs help Trina Solar gain competitiveness in the European market, where environmental sustainability considerations are increasingly part of the procurement process.


“Obtaining EPD certificates will further promote Trina Solar’s environmental protection and innovation Trina Solar is constantly devoted to developing solar PV modules of higher efficiency and environmentally friendliness. Trina Solar will also spare efforts to further resolve the contradiction between technological development and resource consumption, to explore new paths for sustainable development, and to establish a cleaner and sustainable energy supply system for all mankind”, stated by Bo Cao, deputy general manager of Trina Solar.

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UL guided Trina Solar through the EPD certification process which included: identification of the product category rule (PCR), verification of the product life cycle assessment (LCA); and EPD Certification and Registration. UL helps manufacturers in various industries, from construction to electronics, gain global market access through UL’s EPD certification and mutually recognized Partnerships, such as, EPDItaly. These certifications are available through the programs’ publicly accessible databases UL POT® and EPDItaly.


Companies are increasingly embracing sustainability throughout their supply chain. EPDs allows manufacturers, such as Trina Solar make their product’s environmental impact transparent to the marketplace and serve as a driver to meet sustainability requirements. As an EPD program operator, our mutual recognition of EPD with EPDItaly helps global manufacturers save time on the EPD process and speed up market access,said Steven Shi, general manager of UL-CCIC, a joint venture between UL and China National Import and Export Commodities Inspection Corporation.

Each EPD is valid for five years based on the PCR and applies to Europe, North America and global markets. The EPD is conformant to international standards for life cycle assessments ISO 14025 and EN 15804 for broad acceptance worldwide.

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