Unlike Companies In Many Other Sectors, Year 2020 Has Been A Great Year For Us As A Rooftop Solar Power Developer, Samresh Kumar, SkyX Solar, VinaCapital

2017CPR-011-03 : VINACAPITAL 2017 Corporate PHOTOS package 2. Le Quang Nhat / VIMAGES for VINACAPITAL VIETNAM, November, 2017. (Photo by Le Quang Nhat)

SolarQuarter ASEAN interviewed Mr. Samresh Kumar, Executive Chairman and CEO of SkyX Solar, a Rooftop solar company and Managing Director, VinaCapital , a USD 2 billion diversified investments management group based in Vietnam and got insights on what key learnings were gained during this Covid year. We also understood the next year plans of the company and the future growth outlook for Vietnam.


What major challenges do you face today in the development of projects in the South East Asian market?


We are primarily focussed on the Vietnam market. One of the challenges faced is the lack of regulatory clarity sometimes. It helps to have a deep understanding of the country, have a long business history in Vietnam along with the relationships and to have a long-term view here, like SkyX Solar has, being part of VinaCapital group, which has been
investing and building businesses in Vietnam for almost 20 years now.


Please tell us about the current installed capacity of the company and what are the investment plans for next year 2021?

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We are well on our path to develop more than 200 MW of rooftop solar within the next 3 years. In 2021, we will continue to work with credible multinational companies and local sector champions to develop rooftop solar solutions and direct PPA solutions in a win-win long term partnership.

How do you see the solar market progressing in Vietnam in the next 5 years?

Vietnam has immense solar irradiation across most parts of the country. 2019-2020 was the year to build out solar farms around 5 GW got built. 2020-2025 will be for rooftop solar, ESS and direct PPA. In 2020 itself, I believe Vietnam would have built around 2 GW of rooftop solar power, across residential , industrial , and commercial , which is commendable. This will continue for the next few years.

Read the full interview here: https://solarquarter.com/2021/01/07/solarquarter-asean-e-magazine/

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