Freedom Forever Chooses Sunrun To Expand Access To Home Solar And Batteries Across The Country


Freedom Forever announced today it has strengthened its partnership with Sunrun (NASDAQ: RUN), the leading provider of residential solar, battery storage, and energy services in the United States. Freedom Forever has selected Sunrun as its primary solar + battery as-a-service provider for the next three years as part of the partnership. The company will leverage Sunrun’s industry-leading home solar and battery service offering, as well as its well-known and trusted brand with consumers to make affordable, clean, and reliable energy a reality for more American households. Freedom Forever’s best in class operations and vast network of highly-trained independent sales dealers will use an industry-leading platform from Sunrun to help them reach more people and better provide affordable new products, including solar and battery offerings at no-money-down and a low monthly cost.  


“Sunrun has been an integral part of Freedom Forever’s growth over the last three years. They have seen us grow from 7 states at the beginning of 2020 to 20 states by the end of the year. We are excited to strengthen our combined efforts to fuel our expected growth into many additional states nationwide by the end of 2021,” said Brett Bouchy, CEO of Freedom Forever.   

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Both companies share the belief that it’s critical to move American homes towards smart, local, renewable energy as quickly, affordably, and efficiently as possible. The expanded partnership with Freedom Forever will expand Sunrun’s footprint in existing markets, with plans to enter new markets together in the future. Freedom will use Sunrun’s robust suite of technology for channel partners, such as Sunrun’s leading sales process management and system design tools, to support homeowners as they make the transition to clean home solar and battery energy. 


“Americans continue to be largely stuck at home and are desperately in need of affordable, reliable energy options,” said Lynn Jurich, CEO and Co-founder of Sunrun. “We’re excited Freedom Forever selected Sunrun to bring more peace of mind to homeowners across the United States with our industry-leading solar and battery service products.”


Freedom Forever, the third-largest residential solar installer in the third quarter of this year (Wood Mackenzie), is known as a customer-centric, service-oriented company with unique offerings that give consumers confidence in the reliability of their home solar systems. Sunrun’s solar and battery service offerings can be offered for no money down and affordable monthly payments, often for less than the price of traditional grid power. This will help Freedom Forever reach more customers, especially those that need it the most.

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“Freedom Forever has become the first partner to obtain a Platinum Elite status, which is the highest tier of achievement in our program. This agreement allows us to grow together into the future, bringing a top-quality product to consumers,” said Derek Noble, Sunrun’s Vice President of Channel Sales.

By combining efforts, these two leading solar companies will make home solar and batteries more affordable and more appealing to a wider array of homeowners, opening up new access to solar and moving the United States forward on the path to displacing fossil fuels altogether.

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