Jetsons Robotics Partners with Powermat to Manage Power and Provide Advanced Wireless Charging Technology to Enhance the Operations of Autonomous Solar Panel Cleaning-Robots for Commercial and Industrial Solar Installations


Powermat Technologies announced today a new partnership with Jetsons Robotics to manage energy transfer and provide advanced wireless charging technology that withstands challenging weather conditions and enables efficient and autonomous solar energy production.


Jetsons’ Robotics autonomous robot, ZERO, designed to clean solar panels, enables solar plants to improve power generation efficiency and reduce cleaning costs by 40%, ensuring that solar panels are optimized to generate sustainable power at their peak capacity.


As part of the new royalty-based partnership, Powermat will provide Jetsons Robotics with an advanced mid-range, contact-free magnetic induction-based wireless charging platform designed for robotics. The wireless charging platform will enable Jetsons Robotics to eliminate conductive wires, cables, and connectors from their system.


“Supporting robotic sustainable energy operations with advanced wireless charging technology is a massive step in the right direction,” said Elad Dubzinski, CEO of Powermat. “Enhancing Jetsons Robotics’ capabilities on their vital mission, along with efficiently managing power across the entire fleet of robots, creates a competitive edge for both companies alike.”

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Adopting Powermat’s wireless charging technology for robotics will allow the company to completely seal their robots and enable a maintenance-free operation, even in harsh weather conditions. Powermat will also provide Jetsons Robotics with smart power management technology to efficiently manage its power charging regime, maintain battery safety, increase charging speed, and extend the robot-battery lifetime.

“With our aim to build service robots for commercial businesses, this technology will provide us an edge in building robots for harsh outdoor environments with longer service life,” said Mr. Jatin Sharma, CEO and Founder of Jetsons Robotics. “The new electric age allows us to follow sustainable growth, and wireless charging is going to be one of the most important building blocks to achieve this goal.”

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