“Bull Power Energy Has Its Services From Complete Designing, Signing And Sealing Engineering Drawings For Entire Rajasthan, To High-Tech Installation, And End-To-End Technical Support” – Sharad Acharya, Founder & Chairman, Bull Power Energy


As a leader in providing immediate solutions for solar EPC systems, Bull Power Energy is working hard towards the easy availability of green energy to all. Ever since its inception by Sharad D. Acharya (Founder and Chairman, Bull Power Energy), Bull Power Energy has focused on contributing to Mother nature. He believes that turning towards renewables is an inevitable choice due to climate change and solar solutions are the perfect alternatives to conventional sources due to both low maintenance cost and long-term sustainability. 


Focusing on the C&I sector, the aim of the company is to gain customer’s faith by offering end-to-end solutions while upholding superior levels of satisfaction. The vision and mission of the company remains clear in its operations. Bull Power Energy’s vision is to install systems to the highest engineering standards while making the switch simple for its customers. It has revolutionized the way energy is delivered by giving customers a cleaner, more affordable alternative to their monthly utility bill. Its mission is to serve customer interests by maximizing the value of their investments while mitigating the inherent risks.


Bull Power Energy defines local development as a vital component in its affiliations with all its partners. It is this fundamental characteristic, due to which it builds long-term relationships based on mutual trust from development right through to the operation. Relying on its experience in the residential as well as the Industrial design-build specialty structures market, Bull Power Energy works with its clients to identify the most economical, durable, and robust solar structures.

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How has the year 2020 shaped up for you especially after facing the COVID-19 crisis?


The year 2020 certainly brought with it many growth opportunities and setbacks. From the government funding for growth of Utility Scale (Power plants, through bidding), to the Right to customer Gazette of Government which declared that net metering will no longer be applicable after 31st march 2021, in turn affecting the employment and organizations which focused on the Industrial and commercial sector for Solar rooftop systems. However, it will also be a boon as the government is focusing on domestic and agricultural sectors which will result in increasing both the growth of those sectors as well as the opportunities for solar systems in these sectors.

You are a known player in the Solar sector with a variety of offerings. Kindly give us more ideas about your unique services.

Bull Power Energy has its services from complete designing, signing and sealing engineering drawings for entire Rajasthan, to high-tech installation, and end-to-end technical support to help its customers solve the toughest challenges in the industry. We have projects in Domestic, Industrial, Agricultural and utility scale projects and is a specialist in roof-top, and custom designed solar structures. As a very unique initiative, it also repairs & maintains other existing/defunct solar systems which are installed but are not functioning. We house an internal team for the installations and maintenance of all systems and also tracks and monitors all systems during their entire lifecycle, irrespective of the size of the project while providing the customers with a very detailed overview of their system on a continual basis.

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Bull Power Energy provides customers with referral schemes where for every referral they provide their customer with green coins which ultimately turn into rewards. This has helped us build relations with our customers. We have a dedicated relationship management team for our every customer. We also provide O&M services to our customers.

What are the differentiating features of your solar PV systems as compared to others?

The key differentiating feature of solar PV systems is that structures can face wind speeds of up to 180 Kph, have a string monitoring system which daily monitors both the systems and the generating units. 

Please tell us about some of your ongoing projects and the new projects in the pipeline.

Currently, the company is working on various ongoing projects such as a 150 KW PV system for Woolen industries, 500KW PV system for Hotel Bhawar Niwas, Pushkar, 20KW PV system for Jindal Agro, 225 KW system for Sipani woolen mills, 110 KW system for Gaurav packaging and 2MW projects are in critical phases. We are also working on a 50 MW project for MARTAND Solar Park and have many new projects in the pipeline as well. 

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What are your future growth and expansion plans for the upcoming year 2021?

For 2021, We will be focusing on the development of systems for electric vehicles which are to be fully solar efficient.

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