With One Of The Largest Inverters In Its Class, The NeoVolta 7680-Watt Inverter Gives Homeowners Flexible Backup Options

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NeoVolta Inc. (OTCQB: NEOV) – The NeoVolta NV14’s inverter can charge or discharge 7680 watts (W) of continuous power. That’s about 50% more power than most leading competitors, which typically max out at 5000 W (just enough to run a clothes dryer, a microwave, and a hair dryer at the same time). With its higher continuous power, the NV14 can handle more electrical loads simultaneously—either for utility savings at night or as backup power to get through a blackout.


The reality is that no residential storage system on the market today has enough power and capacity to provide complete protection. Just consider the energy consumption of household appliances and features. In the kitchen alone, it takes 2150 W to run an electric oven, up to 1500 W for a dishwasher, 1700 W for a microwave and 400 W for a refrigerator. A washing machine pulls 500 W, the dryer next to it as much as 4000 W. Maintaining a comfortable temperature uses heavy power (up to 4000 W for central air conditioning and 3000 W for a portable heater). And with every TV and laptop draining another 100 W, it’s easy to see that a 5000 W inverter cannot possibly keep up.        

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While some competitors with smaller inverters stack multiple inverters and battery systems to try to achieve “whole-home” capability, such a configuration would likely cost more than $50,000 and only allow a smaller number of circuits to be powered during a grid outage. With its powerful 7680 W inverter, the NeoVolta NV14 can typically power up to fourteen 120 V circuits, whether the grid is on or off.


Of course, every homeowner has different needs. Some want to focus on utility savings, while others have pressing concerns about grid outages and want very specific loads connected to their storage system. Most NeoVolta customers start with the refrigerator, garage and garage door opener, kitchen appliances, home office, WiFi router, television, and master bedroom at a minimum.


As an added benefit, NeoVolta storage systems use lithium iron phosphate chemistry, the safe alternative to ordinary lithium ion batteries. Studies have shown that lithium iron phosphate is less susceptible to overheating, reducing the risk of combustion while extending the life of the battery. The NeoVolta NV14 is also one of the highest-capacity systems on the market, with 14.4 kilowatt-hours of storage capacity (expandable to 24 kWh with the NV24 add-on battery). For its safety, performance and compatibility with any solar system, NeoVolta NV14 has been named one of Solar Power World’s top storage products two years in a row.

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“The NeoVolta NV14’s powerful inverter translates to comfortable living and keeping connected, when the sun’s not shining or in the event of a blackout,” said Brent Willson, CEO of NeoVolta. “Although whole-home protection simply isn’t realistic at an affordable cost, the NV14 lets homeowners start with a solid baseline of refrigeration, lighting, entertainment, communications and convenience. And with its high storage capacity, the NV14 can deliver this power for longer than other leading competitors, many of whom are playing catch up in implementing a larger inverter.”

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