NTPC Issues Tender for 200 KWp Solar PV on CW Channel


NTPC issues tender for Design, Engineering, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning with performance test of the Solar Panel (200kWp) to be installed on CW Channel at NTPC Dadri (Domestic Competitive Bidding).


Tender Submission Deadline: 25th March 2021


Completion time/Contract Period: 12 months from the date of award of PO.


Only Class-I local suppliers are eligible to participate in this tender, as defined in the bidding documents/Public Procurement (Preference to Make in India), Order 2017 and its subsequent amendments/ revisions issued by DPIIT. The bidders may apprise themselves of the relevant provisions of bidding documents in this regard before submission of their bids. The local content requirement to categorize a Bidder/Supplier as ‘Class-I local supplier’ is minimum 50%.


As specified in the Bidding Documents, any ‘Bidder from a country which shares a land border with India’, will be eligible to bid in this tender only if bidder is registered with the Competent Authority as mentioned in the Bidding Documents.However, the said requirement of registration will not apply to bidders from thosecountries (even if sharing a land border with India) to which the Government of India has extended lines of credit or in which the Government of India is engaged in development projects.

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NTPC Ltd had Invited online bids on behalf of its wholly own subsidiary i.e NTPC Renewable Energy Ltd. from eligible bidders on Single Stage Two Envelope (i.e. Envelope-I: Techno-Commercial Bid and Envelope-II: Price Bid) with Reverse Auction for EPC PACKAGE WITH LAND FOR DEVELOPMENT OF GRID CONNECTED SOLAR PV PROJECTS (UPTO 300 MW) IN GUJARAT.

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