Malaysia’s Energy Commission Shortlists 823MW Of PV Projects Under Its 1 GW Solar Tender

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Malaysia’s Energy Commission has recently announced the bidders who have been shortlisted in the fourth round of its Large Scale Solar (LSS) procurement scheme.


The tender was under-subscribed. However, the Energy Commission has pre-selected a total of 823.06 MW of projects across two different project categories.


The first category comprises 20 projects with a capacity of 10 to 30 MW. Here, the assigned capacity has reached 323.06 MW and the submitted prices range from MYR 0.1850/kWh ($0.049) to MYR 0.2481/kWh.


The second category comprises 10 projects with a capacity of 30 to 50 MW. Here, the allocated capacity is 500 MW and the bids range from MYR 0.1768/kWh ($0.0429) to MYR 0.1970/kWh.


The shortlisted PV developers have to get their plants connected to the grid by the end of 2023.

This tender is in line with the previous steps taken by the Malaysian government as it has been expanding its renewables share in its energy portfolio in the past few years.

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