Kehua Has Launched The World 1st 125kW UPS Module


On 14th, April, the global product manager of Kehua Tech, Alex Zhang, has hosted the global 125kW UPS launch.


This global launch introduced the world’s highest power density UPS module with 3U, 125kW and 97% efficiency in detail. The highlights can be divided into three parts:


-Design: solve pain points & minimize design costs


This module applied with magnetic cube, interleave paralleling topology, symmetrical design and high-efficient heat dissipation design method to support the high-power density. The magnetic cube is the parent design for inductor. It can reduce core loss by more than 20% compared with traditional inductor design.

-Installation: minimize process costs

KEHUA’s new solution can save a cabinet space for server use. The rent of 1 server counter is 9 thousand USD per year, and the funds can be recovered more quickly which reduces TCO and increases revenue.

When the data center is equipped with generators, this product can be connected to the generator using generator mode. There is no need for more generator capacity, which can save generator cost and space cost during installation.

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After installation, field testing is required. When the downstream load is not connected, customers can use the self-load test function to simulate a full load situation. And this function can also be used for project acceptance.

-O&M: prolong whole system life

In terms of operation and maintenance, this product needs to be more intelligent to reduce the cost of operation and maintenance to achieve maximum benefits. The AI monitoring can keep checking of the status of the UPS. The faulty power module will automatically go offline to ensure the stability of the system.

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