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Kolkata Based Braithwaite & Co Ltd Wants Netmeter For Their Proposed 3.7MW Rooftop Solar Plant Under RESCO Model


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Kolkata based Braithwaite & Co Ltd, an CPSU prayed a petition to WBERC for Netmeter in their proposed Rooftop grid connected solar power system.



Braithwaite & Co Ltd (in short ‘BCL’) has three manufacturing units located at different places within the distribution licensee area of CESC Ltd, Viz Clive Works, Victoria Works and Angus Works. The petitioner contemplated to install rooftop grid connected solar power system at their three units to summated load of 3.7MW (Clive works- 0.9MW, Victoria works- 0.3MW and Angus works- 2.5MW) under RESCO model.

Accordingly BCL has approached SECI, the central nodal agency for RESCO model Rooftop solar power plant implementation. As per the SECI guidelines, a PPA with a vendor, identified through SECI tender for installation of the SPP at their cost, for a period of 25 years has to be executed for purchase of the entire power generated by them at a rate finalized by SECI and the power in excess of instantaneous assumption shall be fed to the grid through a Netmetering system for which the distribution licensee pay back for the excess power exported.

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As per the guideline BCL approached the CESC ltd under letter dated 12th Aug,2020 to initiate adequate measures for approval and installation of Netmetering system in all three units of BCL. But CESC vide letter dated 29th Aug, 2020 stated their inability to extend Netmetering facility arrangements for the reasons that the units are to be set up and owned by seperate entities as per RESCO model and therefore will not qualify as captive generating plant within the meaning of the Electricity act, 2003.

In view of the above constraint, BCL prayed before commission to declare their RESCO units within the licensed area of CESC ltd as captive generating unit for implementation of Netmetering by CESC ltd.

Commission’s Analysis

With due reference of the petition received from BCL, commission has directed BCL to buttress their case in terms of electricity rule, 2005. Accordingly BCL declared that they are owning more than 26% equity of the projects and that the BCL’s annual consumption of the electricity to be generated will be more than 50%.

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Commission has observed that BCL has not served any petition to CESC for which it may not be possible for CESC ltd to make any comment on the same instantly. In an interim order commission directed BCL to serve a copy of their petition to CESC ltd within 7 days from the date of receipt of this order. CESC have to reply to the petition within 14 days from the date of receipt of the petition.

Next hearing scheduled on 11th May, 2021.

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