CERC Issues Draft Ancillary Services Regulations


Central Electricity Regulatory Commission issued draft Ancillary Services Regulations with inclusion of Energy Storage under secondary and teritiary reserves with performance-based incentives.


The comments/ suggestions/ objections may be sent to the undersigned on or before 30th June, 2021. The comments/ suggestions/ objections received after the stipulated date may not be considered while finalizing these regulations.

These regulations may be called the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission (Ancillary Services) Regulations, 2021.


These regulations shall come into force with effect from such date as may be notified by the Commission


These regulations aim to provide mechanisms for procurement, through administered as well as market-based mechanisms, deployment and payment of Ancillary Services for maintaining the grid frequency close to 50 Hz, and restoring the grid frequency within the allowable band as specified in the Grid Code and for relieving congestion in the transmission network, to ensure smooth operation of the power system, and safety and security of the grid.

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These regulations shall be applicable to regional entities, including entities having energy storage resources and demand side resources qualified to provide Ancillary Services and other entities as provided in these regulations.

India Energy Storage Alliance (IESA) is excited with this new regulation and hope it will be implemented soon.

Draft Notification:

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