NTPC Leads The Way To Care For Its People Sets Benchmark By Pioneering Employee Friendly Policies

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Since March last year, the world, including India, have hit by an unprecedented wave of COVID pandemic. With the much deadlier second wave sweeping across India, a herculean fight back is underway to boost medical infrastructure, ensure those who have got infected get timely and quality treatment, a robust vaccination programme has been rolled out while steps have been taken to ensure the virus doesn’t spread.


Yet, the term ‘second wave’ underplays the magnitude of the recent COVID-19 crisis that has unfolded in India. It is more like a tsunami that has engulfed society across strata. COVID-19 is not just a physical calamity, and it is sure to leave a lasting psychological imprint long after it’s gone. Like any storm of such magnitude, it is difficult to wade through this one without a strong support system.


The largest power generator, NTPC has pioneered these employee friendly policies, other organizations in the country have followed. NTPC is not only providing light to the country but also pioneered great policies for welfare its employees and showed the way for many organizations in the country.

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While many companies have taken drastic cost-cutting measures, which also includes offloading employees, NTPC has been utilizing all the resources at its command to not only lend a helping hand but it has gone the extra mile for its employees to provide more than a healing touch. The leadership along with the top management have been regularly taking stock of the situation and implementing relief measures for NTPC’s employees and their families.

NTPC is synonymous with ‘special care’ and it was displayed by the company when it planned for exceptional cases that needed advanced urgent care. It has developed medical infrastructure facilities at many of its locations for treating Covid patients. The company has arranged Air Ambulances for its employees giving them a new lease of life.

Additionally, those who were deceased due to coronavirus, the company has implemented various measures to ensure financially sustained and dignified life for its family members. It has extended medical facilities to all the dependent members, facility of retention of company residential accommodation, extension of educational facilities to the school going children of deceased employees, economic rehabilitation scheme to ensure monthly income, group insurance and death relief scheme.

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