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The Partnership of MAN Energy & TAQA Arabia in Egypt for Green Hydrogen


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In association with TAQA Power, MAN Energy Solutions signed an MoU for a pilot project of green hydrogen. Based out of Cairo, Egypt, TAQA Arabia’s Power Subsidiary, TAQA Power will provide fuel to domestic tourist busses with locally generated green hydrogen.


This Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) provides technical information by MAN Energy Solutions to TAQA Power on employing electrolysis for a hydrogen-plant solution, due to run until autumn 2022.

The President of Egypt Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi is urging to establish the production facility and its integrated strategy in the North African state as the interest in alternative fuel is rising amongst the rest of the world.

Instead of using fossil fuels, Egypt aims to strengthen its production of renewable energy including hydrogen.

Ghassan Saab, Head of MAN Energy Solutions’ energy business in the region, said, “This is an exciting venture with a valuable partner in a country that has recognized what an incredibly important role green hydrogen will play on the path to a climate-neutral, global economy.”

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He continued, “It is also a great opportunity for MAN Energy Solutions to display its expertise in all processing steps of the hydrogen economy. We look forward to working closely with TAQA Power in finding the optimal solution that will position them strongly in what will be one of the most important markets of the future.”

Samy AbdelKader, TAQA Power’s Managing Director, said, “We are very happy to join forces with MAN Energy Solutions for such a great endeavor in alignment with the Egyptian Government’s plan aiming to generate and increase the use of green hydrogen.”

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