FIMER PVS980 Modelling Approach Has Achieved AEMO Approval In Australia


In July 2021, FIMER received its acceptance letter from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), which approved the use of a new modelling approach for its PVS980 central inverter solution. 

A PVS980 modeling framework is a unique approach by FIMER compared to other inverter manufacturers in the Australian market. The approach sees the four complex Matlab, PSS/E, PSCAD and DIgSilent PowerFactory compliance tests programmed and developed using only the Matlab program. FIMER Australia’s Power System Engineers work together with its clients to program and develop the model for a PVS980 solution in Matlab. The team can then export and convert the Matlab certification into the other certifications required by the network operator without any extra programming required. This approach provides EPC’s, power consultants and system designers greater flexibility, accuracy and reliability while also significantly improving the benchmarking results required by AEMO. Benchmarking compares the results of each modeling certification to ensure they are the same and are an essential component of getting network operator approval.

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In the conventional modeling approach, inverter manufacturers will program and develop the required individual modeling for each certification. Developing certification for Matlab, PSS/E, PSCAD and PowerFactory takes an enormous amount of time and any changes that occur to the system throughout the lengthy approval process means the change must be made to each program, adding time, complexity and a higher margin of risk for the AEMO benchmarking requirement. 

FIMER Australia’s Country Manager, Jason Venning, said, “We are thrilled that this modeling approach now has AEMO approval for FIMER’s PVS980 central inverter. FIMER has a proud history of supporting and supplying inverter solutions to the utility-scale solar market in Australia. Over the years, FIMER has invested significant resources into developing many accurate, AEMO compliant inverter and power plant controller models for the market to use.” 


As part of this AEMO acceptance, FIMER has already completed and received approval for the AEMO Operations and Planning Data Management System (OPDMS) integration for several projects planned for commissioning in 2022. 

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Jason continued, “We have received very positive feedback from industry consultants on our unique modeling approach for the PVS980 and the high level of accuracy that can be seen between PSS/E, PSCAD and the actual inverter firmware. Our Matlab certification results and benchmarking report has been validated by third-party Australian consultants as well as a third-party lab.”

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