TrinaTracker Agile 1P Obtains UL Certification

PV Hardware (PVH) is a Spanish company that supplies solar trackers globally. With more than 25GW supplied in 230 solar plants, PVH has become a leading driver of the Spanish renewables industry. To continue its growth trajectory, PVH has acquired over sixteen acres of land in Valencia, Spain, to build the world's largest solar tracker factory. Currently, PVH's activity is spread across seven locations, which will be consolidated into one logistics center to increase capacity and streamline operations. In-house manufacturing allows PVH to control the entire supply chain, offer shorter delivery times, and adapt products to meet project-specific needs. PVH aims to become the world's number one supplier of solar trackers, and its expansion plans include opening a new factory in the United States. The company's focus on sustainable energy aligns with Spain's role as a European power in sustainability and energy transition.

TrinaTracker, a leading tracker manufacturer and a business unit of Trina Solar has achieved UL certification, a global safety validation, for its dual-row Agile 1P tracker series.


The specific certification is UL 3703, which is regarded as a comprehensive and authoritative evaluation standard for solar trackers. The certificate is issued by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), an entity approved by the US Occupational Safety and
Health Administration.

TrinaTracker Agile 1P complies with the requirements of UL 3703 standards for solar
trackers and exemplifies Agile 1P’s excellent technology, durable performance and high
reliability. UL 3703 standards also certify the system’s design, electrical and
mechanical aspects.


Agile 1P is highly efficient, has great energy output and extra adaptability as a result
of its 1P dual-row design and shorter tracker configuration. It also includes advanced
wind engineering, a dual-drive system and a globally exclusive patented spherical
bearing. Moreover, the solar system incorporates the TrinaTracker SuperTrack
algorithm, which can deliver an extra yield gain of up to 8% and reduces the levelized cost
of energy (LCOE).

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TrinaTracker’s Agile1P passed the complete evaluation required by UL, which includes
reliability assessments such as overload, power restoration, locked platform,
emergency stop, dielectric test, humidity cycling, metallic coating thickness test, rain
and sprinkler test and bonding path resistance tests.

Hua Zhu, certification manager at UL, says: “Our assessment involves rigorous
inspections and evaluations of the tracker, including mechanical and electrical aspects.
Agile 1P has passed the UL 3703 certification process. We congratulate Trina Solar on
its success.”

Duan Shunwei, head of the tracker business unit at Trina Solar, says: “As global solar
leaders focused on achieving the highest return on investment for our clients, we offer
a new generation of trackers fully compatible with ultra-high power modules, designed to produce maximum energy yield while reducing balance of system (BOS) costs and LCOE.”
Earlier, Agile 1P received IEC certification and underwent an extensive and rigorous
wind tunnel test performed by Cermak Peterka Petersen Inc, a global wind engineering
consultancy leader, in which its design and stability were validated.

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About Trina Solar (688599. SH)
Founded in 1997, Trina Solar is the world leading PV and smart energy total solutions
provider. The company engages in PV products R&D, manufacture and sales; PV
projects development, EPC, O&M; smart micro-grid and multi-energy complementary
systems development and sales, as well as energy cloud-platform operation. In 2018,
Trina Solar launched its Energy IoT brand, established the Trina Energy IoT Industrial
Development Alliance together with leading enterprises and research institutes in
China and around the world, and founded the New Energy IoT Industrial Innovation
Center. With these actions, Trina Solar is committed to working with its partners to
build the energy IoT ecosystem and develop an innovation platform to explore New
Energy IoT, as it strives to be a leader in global intelligent energy. In June 2020, Trina
Solar listed on the STAR Market of Shanghai Stock Exchange.

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