SOFARSOLAR Made An Appearance In Renewable Energy India Expo


On September 15th-17th, 2021, Renewable Energy India Expo, REI kicked off in New Delhi. As the largest international professional renewable energy exhibition in India and even Southeast Asia, it attracts manufacturers from dozens of countries around the world to participate in the exhibition. As the main inverter supplier in the Indian PV market, SOFARSOLAR brought PV grid-connected inverters and energy storage inverters. During the exhibition, SOFARSOLAR reached in-depth cooperation with well-known local companies, laying a solid foundation to further consolidate its market position and enhance its brand competitiveness.


Zhong Qizheng, co-founder and vice president of SOFARSOLAR, said that REI is the largest and most influential new energy exhibition in Southeast Asia. SOFARSOLAR focused on the latest products and core technologies, showing comprehensive strength.


It is reported that SOFARSOLAR exhibited 20-33KW three-phase grid-connected inverters, 50-70KW three-phase grid-connected inverters, 80-136kW three-phase grid-connected inverters, 3-20kW hybrid inverters, and 255kW for medium and large power stations in India which attracted many visitors.


Among them, the 255kW inverter, as a string model for medium and large ground power stations in India, has the characteristics of efficient power generation, investment saving, safety, reliability, intelligence and friendliness. It has been promoted and applied in many projects in India.

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Efficient power generation

1. Maximum efficiency 99.02%

2. 12 MPPTs design, increasing power generation in complex application

3. Compatible with 500W+bifacial module (30A/MPPT, 40A optional)

4. PID protection and repair, increasing system power generation

5. Maximum bear twice DC overload

Saving Investment

1. Supports two sets of strings and one connection, which saves the cost of DC cables

2. Support aluminum wire access, saving AC cable cost (support aluminum wire up to 300mm2 access)

3. Support PLC communication, saving communication cables and construction costs

4. Integrated tracking power supply and communication interface, saving cables and construction costs

Safe and reliable

1. IP66 and C5 protection to adapt to various harsh environments

2. IP68 smart cooling to ensure a constant temperature for a long lifespan

3. No fuse design for a safe and maintenance-free system

4. AFCI protection function to improve system security (optional)

5. AC and DC are equipped with standard two-level lightning protection and support optional first-level lightning protection

Smart Connectivity and User-Friendly

1. String detection and I-V Curve diagnosis to accurately locate abnormal strings

2. AC/DC Dual Power Supply redundancy design, 24-hour status monitoring (solution)

3. Power factor ±0.8 continuously adjustable, support night SVG function

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4. Remote upgrading and Bluetooth support for fast and easy maintenance

During the exhibition, Brijesh Prajapati, head of SOFARSOLAR India, established a strategic partnership with many well-known companies in India and will carry out in-depth cooperation on the market and service sides to jointly promote the development of the Indian energy market.

As the first domestic inverter company to enter India, SOFARSOLAR has seized the opportunity of market development, continuously improved its market layout, and consolidated its core position in the main market. Currently, it has established a complete marketing and service system in more than 20 Indian states. Various power section inverters have been widely used in industrial and commercial, ground power stations, and household power stations, bringing a good user experience to users and highlighting a strong brand advantage.

SOFARSOLAR began to deploy in India as early as 2015 and has established branches, storage centers, sales centers, and service centers in India to provide local customers with more convenient local services. Based on the local grid structure, photovoltaic standards, policies, and market environment, SOFARSOLAR has formulated a series of market and product research and development strategies, seized the opportunity to enter the market, and suddenly emerged. It has successively provided inverters to local government power stations, farm power stations, industrial and commercial power stations, and household power stations. According to statistics, SOFARSOLAR has shipped more than 1GW in India, as a leader in Gujarat and other states.

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Mr. Brijesh Prajapati said that since 2015, SOFARSOLAR has been rated as the “Best Inverter Company in India” and “Top Inverter Brand on the Roof” by many well-known institutions in India. Nowadays, SOFARSOLAR has become a well-known inverter brand in India. In the future, we will continue to exert our core competitiveness, and promote more products in India, so that more users can enjoy the economic benefits brought by clean energy.

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