All Countries Must Emulate What India Has Done to Tackle Climate Change says Mark Widmar


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday discussed India’s renewable energy landscape with Mark Widmar, CEO of First Solar, and welcomed the leading US-based manufacturer of solar panels to invest in the country.


Widmar praised India’s policies on climate change and related industries and said all countries should emulate what India has done on climate change.

During her interaction with Widmar, Modi spoke about the One World, One Sun and One Network initiative and its potential. The Prime Minister referred to India’s ambitious target of 450 GW of renewable energy.


The CEO also announced his intention to use the ambitious Production Incentive Program (PLI) of the Indian government to manufacture solar power equipment with single thin-film technology and integrate India into the global supply chains, the ministry said.


Modi and Widmar have agreed to improve solar panel manufacturing in India. The Rs 4,500-crore PLI scheme for solar photovoltaic modules is expected to help India ramp up its domestic manufacturing capacity. The scheme is expected to add 10-gigawatt (GW) capacity of integrated solar photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing plants. Modi also spoke about India’s green hydrogen mission.

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