Largest Solar PV Installation In Latvia With FuturaSun Panels



FuturaSun announces that its monocrystalline photovoltaic modules were selected to be installed on the roof of Lyngson, SIA ’s building manufacturing water heating radiators in the city of Olaine, which is currently the largest solar panel installation ever completed in Latvia.

The project was successfully implemented in cooperation with the largest Latvian private energy group AJ Power. The rooftop solar plant has a total capacity of 489 kW generated by 1580 FuturaSun photovoltaic panels and it will generate almost 500,000 kWh of green energy annually.


The choice of energy source fell on FuturaSun’s monocrystalline photovoltaic modules because it ensured a greater yield of renewable energy, maximum savings in the electricity costs, and minimum maintenance. FuturaSun modules are increasingly used in Northern Europe since the panels perform well also in areas with lower radiation and a high probability of snow and low temperatures.


Over a span of one year, Lyngson’s photovoltaic system will cover 30% of the company’s own power consumption and will exceed 50% on average during the summer season. The company actively seeks energy-efficient solutions to enable it to cut its CO2 emissions and adopt sustainable manufacturing principles.

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So far, it is the first implemented phase of the Lyngson solar panel project. The company’s investment in the PV project’s first phase reached EUR 295,210. Thanks to the installed solar panel system, the company will cut its yearly CO2 emissions by 141,000 kg and save more than EUR 44,500 annually on energy costs.

The second phase of the project will start soon, reaching total installed capacity to almost 600 kW bringing further cuts in CO2 emissions and increased energy cost savings.

Roberts Samtiņš, CEO of AJ Power said: “Such a significant solar panel project implementation in Latvia is a great example that solar energy has a future and that energy-intense production companies can cover a sufficiently large portion of their energy consumption by using solar energy. These companies are committed to sustainability and seek ways to cut their energy costs. We at AJ Power are happy to be part of this historic and impressive project and, at the same time, this is our largest solar panel project implemented so far. We started to offer installation of solar panels five years ago and then our greatest challenge was to convince our clients that solar energy had potential in Latvia, and it is a worthwhile investment. Now the situation has changed, and a growing number of companies are realizing that solar energy is the future, and it is worth investing in while improving the competitiveness of their business.”

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Uldis Benhens, SIA Lyngson Managing Director added: “We are a green-thinking Scandinavian company and to us, it is important that this way we can contribute to cutting CO2 emissions, adopt sustainable manufacturing principles, and improve our business growth opportunities in the long run. We actively seek energy-efficient solutions that may help us cut our costs. We have invested in both lighting and production equipment upgrades, so investing in green energy was only a logical next step. Solar panels are an investment in the future that will start paying back straight away and it is important that it gives the company greater independence from fluctuating electricity prices.”

Lisa Hirvonen, sales engineer of FuturaSun added: “FuturaSun is honored and proud to have taken part in this important project; a milestone that demonstrates once again that solar energy is not only to be considered as a clean energy source but that it is also economically convenient also in the more northern countries. We are looking forward to continuing spreading the message of the huge potential of renewable energy in Latvia together with AJ Power.”

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