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BCPG To Forge Ahead in Solar Power Business in Taiwan


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BCPG Public Company Limited, a leading renewable energy company in Thailand and Asia-Pacific, has announced the establishment of a new subsidiary “BCPG Formosa Co., Ltd.” (BCPG Formosa) to fully expand solar power business in Taiwan.

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The new subsidiary is also aligned with BCPG’s growth plan in extending 2-time production capacity in 5 years.

According to Bundit Sapianchai, BCPG’s CEO, BCPG will acquire 100% equity in BCPG Formosa with an authorized capital of TWD 82 million. The company registration is expected to be complete within 2021.

“Taiwan is a potential area to develop clean energy projects. The country’s government aims to be less reliant on nuclear power by focusing more on clean energy investment. Within 5 years, Taiwan will develop more than 13,000 MW from solar power. We see this as a competitive opportunity to expand our solar power business in Taiwan with total production capacity of more than 1,000 MW in the next 5 years, which is in line with BCPG’s current market share in solar business in Thailand”, said Bundit.

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Recently, BCPG has announced its intentions to be one of the leading organizations to fight global warming in the GCNT Forum 2021.

In the past, BCPG has been in the business of generating electricity from green energy along with creating economy and good quality of life for the community. The company is stepping into a Carbon Neutral in early 2022 and aims to be Net Zero Emissions Organization for the next 10 years, most recently BCPG is one of the founders of Carbon Markets Club, a carbon credit trading platform. To provide opportunities for all sectors with the same ideology in solving global warming to trade and exchange carbon credits voluntarily.

“The real challenge in solving global warming is Mindset or way of thinking, rules and regulations Because the development of technology has gone very far. Technology is no longer a real challenge. But it is our way of thinking or attitude that will drive the problem of global warming seriously,” said Mr. Bundit.

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