Syria And UAE Firms Signs A Deal For 300 MW Solar Park


Syria signs a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a few UAE firms (names not yet disclosed) for building a 300 MW solar park in the Widyan al-Rabie, Damascus. This comes after the UAE delegation visited Syria.


The solar park will be built in 2 years. The solar park facility will generate 500 million kWh every year and will be divided into 6 sections of 50 MW each. This will help in saving up to 350,000 tonnes of carbon emissions.

The financing of the projects will be done on a quarterly basis for a duration of 10 years after each section of the project starts operating.


As per Syria’s 2030 strategy, the country targets to produce around 5% power from renewable energy sources by adding 1.5 GW solar energy and 900 MW wind turbines.


The Syrian government also has created a fund to support green energy projects of the country for shifting towards renewables.

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