Trina Solar Showcasing Market-Leading Vertex Modules And TrinaTracker At Intersolar India

Trina Solar

Trina Solar is promoting its high-power Vertex modules and TrinaTracker ‘smart tracker’ technology at the Intersolar India conference and exhibition being held in Gujarat on 2-4 December. 


“As a world-leading PV and smart energy total solution provider, we are very excited to be participating in the Intersolar India conference and exhibition,” says Trina Solar director for India, Gaurav Mathur. 


“We will be exhibiting at the show alongside our distributors and are looking forward to showcasing our proven technology and meeting with customers, industry partners and creating new opportunities,” says Mathur. 


Modules on display will include Trina Solar’s marketing-leading Vertex 550W module,  while the smart trackers on display will be the TrinaTracker Agile 1P, dual-row single-axis solar tracker designed for one in portrait module installation, and Vanguard 2P, single row, multi-drive tracker designed for two in portrait module installation.  

Vertex is a series of mono-facial and bifacial modules that have high power and high efficiency. This is achieved by incorporating break-through technologies, such as:

– 210mm diameter solar cells. These are larger in size than earlier generation solar cells that are 166mm and 182mm in diameter, 

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– non-destructive cutting so each cell has smooth edges and maintains similar mechanical loading properties as non-cut cells, 

– multi-busbar to increase light absorption and 

– high-density interconnection technology to reduce the space between each cell. 

Fraunhofer ISE, the world’s leading applied research third-party organization, has previously conducted research on the LCOE advantage and value of 210mm Vertex modules in all scenarios. It is found that the CAPEX and LCOE of the new generation of 210mm (G12)  Vertex modules are lower than those of the 182mm (M10) modules and the traditional  166mm modules. 

In the era of grid parity, the advanced Vertex 210mm series of modules have a  prominent edge in solar BOS and solar LCOE costs. It sets new cost-saving standards, making PV  solar energy more cost-competitive. 

Mathur says: “Vertex modules are proving popular in India because developers can  have the same power output, but using fewer modules as each module has higher  power and efficiency than earlier generation modules.” 

“Ultra-high power modules, that use 210mm diameter solar cells, are getting popular  in the era of grid parity.” 

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Trina Solar also sees huge potential for TrinaTracker in India, especially in the southern and western parts of the country. “We have secured an Indian launch customer for  TrinaTracker,” says Mathur, “adding that the customer is developing a 3MW utility project that will use TrinaTracker. This project is due to be completed next year.” 

Intersolar India being held in Gujarat, coincidentally, is of added relevance to Trina  Solar’s tracker business, because Gujarat is a centre for steel fabrication. 

Trina Solar has qualified several local vendors in India to globalize our supply chain with regards to pre-fabricated steel components and parts. Trackers are growing in popularity for solar projects. Our trackers ultimately reduce LCOE by 7%. 

About Trina Solar (688599. SH)

Founded in 1997, Trina Solar is the world-leading PV and smart energy total solutions provider. The company engages in PV products R&D, manufacture and sales; PV  projects development, EPC, O&M; smart micro-grid and multi-energy complementary systems development and sales, as well as energy cloud-platform operation. In 2018, Trina Solar launched its Energy IoT brand,  established the Trina Energy IoT Industrial Development Alliance together with leading enterprises and research institutes in China and around the world, and founded the  New Energy IoT Industrial Innovation Centre. With these actions, Trina Solar is committed to working with its partners to build the energy IoT ecosystem and develop an innovation platform to explore New Energy IoT, as it strives to be a leader in global intelligent energy. In June 2020, Trina Solar was listed on the STAR Market of Shanghai Stock  Exchange. 

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