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Off-Grid Safari Lodges in Namibia Installs Solar-Powered Systems


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SolarSaver Group recently installed battery-solar off-grid systems at two remote camps of the African Monarch Lodges, Nambwa Tented Lodge and Kazile Island Lodge in Namibia. These safari lodges located in the Zambezi region have now become fully solar-powered.

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According to Stefan Kleemann of the SolarSaver Group, remote lodges are increasingly tapping into solar power instead of diesel in order to work independently of the grid. SolarSaver is currently completing a number of solar projects in Namibia and South Africa as part of a hire-purchase model that enables businesses such as the lodges to completely switch to solar power or to supplement grid power with no capital outlay. The lodges only have to pay for the greener power electricity generated by the off-grid solar system.

The Nambwa Tented Lodge, located in elephant migration routes in Bwabwata National Park, is now equipped with a 50 kWp installation. The Kazile Island Lodge, which is located on a private island in the park, has installed 25 kWp to cover the entire electricity demand.

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These remote lodges are not connected to the national power grid. Previously, the lodges were used to generate electricity on-site using diesel generators, which caused excessive carbon emissions and noise and also were expensive due to the high maintenance and fuel transport costs for these destinations. 

Solar power endows the benefit of saving costs, and offers a peaceful and green solution. The safari lodges have made full use of solar energy in their facilities, a step that is directly in line with their vision of sustainability and preservation of the pristine wilderness around them.

Tinolla Rodgers, the owner of the African Monarch Lodges said, “Our focus is on promoting responsible tourism and we are committed to the long-term preservation of the few remaining untouched wildlife areas in the Zambezi region in Namibia. Solar energy enables us to reduce our impact on the environment and give our guests the best experience. We are now even more “off the grid” than before!”

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Namibia’s hot, dry climate and abundant solar potential make it an ideal place to utilize the sun’s energy for off-grid solar installation. These kinds of projects will promote Namibia to be the frontrunner in Africa for this renewable energy source.

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