Al Shawamikh Oil Services And Wakud Company Signs A Deal To Install Solar Energy System

A file photo of Al Shawamikh Oil Services And Wakud Company signing the deal

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Al Shawamikh Oil Services and Wakud company have signed an agreement to install a solar energy system in Khazaen Economic City in the wilayat of Barka. Implementation of this project will give Wakud the distinction of being the first facility of its type regionally and globally powered by solar energy.


An agreement to this effect was signed by Dr. Aflah al Hadhrami, CEO of Al Shawamikh Oil Services, and Maher al Habsi, CEO of Wakud. Oman’s first biodiesel plant is set to scale up the production and sale of local biodiesel. Located in Khazaen Economic City, Wakud’s plant utilizes locally collected cooking oil turning waste into biodiesel.


“Our company will install the solar energy system for Wakud to produce environmentally friendly biofuel in Khazaen Economic City. The agreement is in line with the objectives of Oman Vision 2040. The sultanate seeks to boost the contribution of renewable energy by 20 percent by 2030,” Hadhrami said.

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He informed that in line with the Paris Climate Agreement, the sultanate has started conducting studies and implementing plans to achieve optimal energy use and focus on the development of renewable energy projects to support economic diversification plans and promote sustainable energy.

“Our agreement aims to support renewable energy projects in accordance with Oman Vision 2040. We chose Al Shawamikh Oil Services to implement this solar energy project for the plant because of its pioneering experience in this field and its management’s constant endeavour to support new projects in the sultanate,” Habsi said.

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