Farmers In Haryana Gets 75% Subsidy On Solar Pumps

KREDL Tenders for 1325 Nos of Solar Pumps Under Component-B of PM-Kusum Scheme

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Haryana’s department of new and renewable energy has agreed to provide a 75% rebate on the purchase of 3-10 horsepower (HP) solar-powered pumps to help farmers with their irrigation purposes. 


The department has extended the deadline for eligible recipients to apply until December 27. Farmers will receive subsidized solar pumps if their application is granted.


Vishram Kumar Meena, the additional deputy commissioner of Gurgaon, stated that 8,629 solar-powered pumps will be distributed to Haryana farmers at a 75% discount. 

“These pumps will only be handed to farmers that practise micro-irrigation, such as drip or spray irrigation, and water fields by pushing ground pipes,” he explained.

The subsidy plan applies to three types of pumps: 10 HP, 7.5 HP and 3 HP, said Meena, the employment of solar pumps will encourage the transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, along with assisting farmers in meeting their irrigation necessities.

Farmers have to fill up a form, select a solar pump of their preference, and pay their portion of the cost through the site, in order to apply for the scheme. Officials estimate that after the form is submitted and validated, it would take roughly three months for the department to deliver these pumps to the recipients.

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Presently, farmers utilize tube wells driven by electricity or conventional fuels to irrigate crops. Farmers’ profit margins have shrunk as a result of the shortfall and skyrocketing prices for coal, petrol, and diesel.

According to the department, farmers will be able to undertake their irrigation operations at a very cheap cost with solar pumps, and their revenue will improve as a result.

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