CEL Invites Bids For The Delivery Of 1 Million Solar Cells

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Central Electronics Limited (CEL), a public sector firm under the Ministry of Science and Technology, has requested bids for the delivery of one million multi-crystalline solar cells with a power output of 4.68 W or above. The firm’s tender document states that the last date for proposals submission is January 28, 2022.


The solar cell should have a length of five busbars and a size of 157 x 157 mm +/-0.25 mm or 156.75 x 156.75 mm +/-0.25 mm. The cells must have a thickness of 200 ± 20 microns and power equal to or more than 4.68 W.

Aside from being free of flaws such as cracks and holes, the cells should have a homogenous silicon nitride covering with no colour variations. The cells should be packed in lots of 100 units or according to the vendor’s specified size.

Applicants must meet certain requirements, including being an original manufacturer, in order to participate in the bidding of tender. They will also need to validate that the modules made from the cells meet the IEC 61215/IS 14286 and IEC 62904 benchmarks. A minimum production capacity of 30 MW/year is also required.

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CEL has said that if the number of faulty cells is less than 3%, all such cells would be replaced free of charge and if there are more than 3% defective cells, the entire batch will be discarded.

In the event of a split tender, micro and small enterprises (MSMEs) quoting a price within a price band of L1 (lowest)+15 percent will be able to provide up to 20% of the need by lowering their pricing to L1 price, where L1 is non MSME price.

If an MSME’s price is within L1+15 percent of the tender price and the MSME is L4 (fourth lowest) or higher (assuming L1, L2 (second lowest), and L3 (third lowest) are not MSMEs), the quantities will be distributed as follows: MSME bidder-20%, other bidders: 80% of the tender portion.

Central Electronics Limited (CEL) has participated in a number of bidding procedures, ranging from decentralized projects in Maharashtra to up to 200 MW of solar projects elsewhere in India.

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CEL’s privatization process has been halted because of concerns expressed about its valuation and the buyer’s credentials.

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