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Israel Launches 100 MW Capacity Of Agrivoltaic Tender


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The Minister of Energy and the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Israel will deploy 100 MW capacity of agrivoltaic in 100 locations in Israel and launched a tender for the same.

Eitan Parnass, the director of Israel’s Green Energy Association said, “Israel’s agri-tech segment is already well known for many years, and also its innovative solar and energy tech segment. So it is a natural move from our government.”

A fixed tariff of ILS 0.2091 ($0.06.708)/kWh will be awarded for a period of 23 years. The power generation will have to be from solar energy linked with agricultural activities including field crops, orchards, vineyards, spices, and flowers.

The agrivolataic will be spread across the Negev desert, the Upper Galilee, the Springs Valley, the Eilot region, Mateh Yehuda, Golan Heights, the Jordan Valley, and Mount Hermon.

“This is a pilot tender that will benefit Israeli agriculture by maximizing farmers’ profits, preserving agricultural land, and combining agricultural activities with promoting our energy goals,” said Oded Forer, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

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The government of Israel wants to test power generated from solar energy on cultivable land. Israel is already working and testing on agrivoltaic systems and generating power from solar panels above crops.

Israel government wants to generate 30% electricity from renewable sources by 2030.

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