REIL Issues Tender For 200,000 Multicrystalline Solar Cells


Rajasthan Electronics & Instruments Limited (REIL), a joint venture between the centre and the Rajasthan government situated in Jaipur, has requested bids for 200,000 five-busbar mono/multi-crystalline silicon solar cells valued at a minimum of 4.62 W or more. 


The solar cells’ size should be 156 x 156 ± 1.0 mm in size or 156.75 x 156.75 ± 1.0 mm in thickness, with a cell thickness of 200 ± 20 microns.


Preference is given to cells with plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition of silicon nitride (deep blue hue) as an anti-reflection covering.


The cells must be free of any cracks, holes, cuts, edge splintering, or other mechanical impairment, as well as colour and pattern mismatches.

The cells must be vacuum packaged in an export-worthy manner in lots of 100 to minimize damage during transit and must be properly secured in shockproof thermocol boxes. The seller must provide the cell in a 0.05W power band.

On a sticker, suppliers are supposed to disclose details on the crystalline structure, cell type, orientation, resistivity, thickness, and wattage of the cell in each box.

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Only bids from REIL-approved vendors will be accepted for this tender. New bidders will be considered for development orders if the vendor registration process, sample approval, and compliance with the tender document’s techno-commercial requirements are satisfied.

The cells will be delivered in two lots of one lakh cells each within two weeks following REIL delivery permission, and the contract is valid through March 31, 2022.

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