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UAE Launches Etihad 7 Program To Finance RE Projects In Africa


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The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation announced the launch of the Union 7 initiative within the activities of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2022, an innovative program led by the UAE, to secure financing for renewable energy projects in Africa, and the program aims to provide clean electricity to 100 million people by 2035. It will raise funds from the public and private sectors to invest in clean energy under the guidance and coordination of the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the Office of the Special Envoy for Climate Change.

This ambitious initiative builds on the UAE’s well-established and deep relations with Africa and will be a focal point in the country’s efforts to contribute to the global sustainability agenda over the next decade. Crucially, the initiative will help African countries meet their urgently growing energy needs without a corresponding increase in greenhouse gas emissions.

Commenting on this initiative, His Excellency Sheikh Shakhbut bin Nahyan Al Nahyan, Minister of State, said: “Our two regions have economic, cultural, political and popular relations, and there is huge potential for further cooperation in the coming years. Electricity in particular, and renewable energy in particular – is one of the keys to launching That potential, supporting the economies of Africa, and allowing millions of people to contribute to building a prosperous continent.”

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His Excellency added, “As the host country for the twenty-eighth session of the Conference of the Parties next year, the UAE is committed to partnering with sub-Saharan African countries to achieve sustainable development and promote prosperity on a larger scale by advancing together in the field of renewable energy.”

His Excellency pointed out that the UAE, with the Union of 7, is strengthening the efforts of the United Nations sustainable development goals for Africa within the framework of one initiative. Which comes in line with the UAE’s foreign policy and development goals. The program facilitates sustainable development by finding solutions to the main challenges that impede clean energy and its availability at affordable prices in emerging markets.”

His Excellency continued, “The strong relationship between the UAE and sub-Saharan Africa is reflected in our partnerships and development projects. Today, the UAE invests in the prosperity and well-being of the entire African continent. The UAE will harness its current relations in sub-Saharan Africa, including diplomatic, humanitarian and development cooperation, to share the country’s experiences.” in the field of renewable energy to promote economic and human development.

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His Excellency pointed out that the UAE already has a number of agreements concluded with partners in sub-Saharan Africa within the framework of the Union of 7 to join them in pursuit of their goals in the economic field and in the field of clean energy.

His Excellency concluded: “Union 7 is a cooperative program that recognizes and adapts to the needs and requirements of partner countries. The UAE highly appreciates the contributions of all African countries to this joint development journey, and we look forward with enthusiasm, and look with optimism to a future full of more cooperation for the prosperity of our peoples.”

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