SOLIS Is Awarded The Label ‘SOLAR CHAMPION’ By Joint Forces For Solar’


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The company Ginlong Technologies (Solis), a world leader in string solar inverters was honored with the ‘Solar Champion’ award from the Joint Forces For Solar (JF4S) substantiating its technological contribution and commitment to clean and renewable photovoltaic energies worldwide.


This distinctive, described JF4S – “underlines and further advances the commitment (of Ginlong Solis) with the development of international solar markets and creates a positive impulse among market intermediaries.” In recent years, Ginlong Technologies (Solis) has spearheaded innovations such as hybrid inverters, one of their first hybrid inverters in the market with storage of
electrical energy produced from the sun, which allows greater performance and autonomy for the user. The solar hybrid inverters from Solis are a reliable & flexible option proven by many installations across Europe and compatible with numerous
globally recognized battery brands. These smart hybrid inverters can be programmed in four different modes to maximize the benefits. Solis offers both hybrid inverters for new installations and ‘retrofit’ AC coupled solutions to upgrade existing solar PV systems, both of which are grid-tied solutions.

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The company has introduced dominant technology in the world of Industry 4.0 or digitization which enables users to monitor the performance of their photovoltaic installation from anywhere in the world. This applies to both residential and industrial level installations.

“This type of technology is revolutionizing the traditional power supply system since it gives the user the power, security, and independence to generate, store and consume their own clean energy, thus reducing their dependence on the grid and traditional generating plants,” said Sandy Woodward, Sales Director of Solis Europe. “In the future, we could see the system evolve to become a landscape of ‘micro-grids’ with communities of solar power generators trading energy between themselves”

Founded in 2009, JF4S has grown to become the world’s leading platform and facilitator of business and knowledge in this industry. Its partners benefit from comprehensive support to maximize their brand visibility, connect with other stakeholders and strengthen their solar efforts.

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To win this award, Ginlong Technologies (Solis) was promoted by the EUPD Research organization founded in 2000, which develops innovative and integrated solutions for sustainability-oriented companies.

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