Kehua Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with ZTT


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Recently, ZTT New Energy Business Group and Kehua Data Co., Ltd., signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. In the future, Kehua and ZTT will cooperate with each other in developing PV, energy storage, integrated energy business, renewable energy, and other technologies to achieve a win-win situation.


Thanks to its strong strength in micro-grid technology, ZTT maintains a leading position in the field of distributed PV and achieves breakthroughs and innovations in key materials and large-scale energy storage systems, thus providing customers with all-round green energy solutions.

As a professional power enterprise, Kehua possesses the professional technology of energy storage and the advantages in the industry market. Chen Sixiong, president of Kehua, pointed out, “Thanks to the Gemini strategic layout, Kehua will have a broad demand for residential energy storage, large-scale power plant level energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, and backup energy storage, so the cooperation with ZTT will take both sides to a new level and also promote the high-quality development of world’s economy under the dual carbon goal.”

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In addition, the two sides discussed in depth the market environment, energy storage safety, battery technology, and backup power storage. Kehua and ZTT will work together to contribute to the cause of energy conservation and environmental protection, and jointly promote the development of clean energy and comprehensive energy.

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