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Philippines To Deploy 2 GW Renewable Power


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The Philippines will deploy a total of 2 GW of renewable power in the country. This includes 1260 MW of solar PV with 900 MW in Luzon, 260 MW in the Visayas, and 100 MW in Mindanao of solar photovoltaic capacity.

Within the above-mentioned locations, solar photovoltaic is dominant and majorly available. Wind power of 380 MW, the biomass of 230 MW, and hydropower of 130 MW capacity.

The Philippines has a total installed power capacity of 20 GW out of which 14.3 GW is in the Luzon area. The Luzon also has the three largest grids in the country.

The Philippines aims to have 35% of renewable energy share by 2030 and increase that to 50% by 2040. The country also plans to launch the Green Energy Tariff Program auction.

The auction program will be conducted by the Philippines Department of Energy and it will feature a ceiling price for renewable power generated with tendered projects.

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The country aims to install a 15 GW capacity of clean energy by 2030 and it has already installed 1.04 GW solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity till 2020.

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