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Botswana Announces Tenders for 200 MW Thermodynamic Solar Power Plants


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The Botswana government has launched a tender for the construction of two thermodynamic solar power plants in the country. The Ministry of Mineral Resources, Green Technology, and Energy Security (MMGE) of Botswana has issued the call for expressions of interest from independent power producers (IPPs) for the project.


Botswana is set to connect solar thermal power plants to its national power grid. The tender call is for the pre-qualification process for the construction of two concentrating solar power plants, one in the town of Maun in the North-West District (Ngamiland District), and the other in Letlhakane town in the Central District.

Interested IPPs have to apply within 11th April 2022. The second stage of selection will choose the IPPs that will develop, finance, build, and operate these two solar thermodynamic power plants. The total installed capacity of the project is planned at 200 MW.

This upcoming public-private partnership will involve the national utility Botswana Power Corporation (BPC), which will be purchasing the electricity produced by the future plants. The Botswana government will also apply this financing method to build six new solar PV plants across the country.Through the construction of the projects, the Botswana government hopes to meet the country’s estimated electricity demand of 550 MW. According to Power Africa, Botswana has 3,200 hours of sunshine per year, and irradiance of 6,640 Wh per m2 per day. These solar projects will help in utilizing the renewable potential of this southern African country and diversifying its electricity mix, which is now dominated by coal.

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