Featuring The Top Solar Data Analytics Company of 2021 – SmartHelio


SmartHelio is a fast-growing Big Data Energy Intelligence company based out of Switzerland, backed by the prestigious investor- Y Combinator and the winner of 15+ global awards. 


SmartHelio is the doctor for solar plants: remotely diagnoses existing problems, predicts faults, and prescribes solutions in real-time using its proprietary advanced algorithms. The company believes that the Indian solar industry has to move fast to meet the targets in a profitable manner. Their software is designed to focus on increasing revenue and minimizing costs. 


SmartHelio’s intelligent software and IoT hardware have become an increasingly popular solution among the leading solar developers in India, Europe, the USA, and the Middle East. Only in India, the company has assessed a portfolio of 2.5+ GW and 30 billion points analyzed.




SmartHelio’s technology has been developed with 10 years of R&D using live solar plant data located in 7 different countries. In the past 2 years, since the company’s inception, their analytics has been used and validated by 40+ leading solar developers around the world. This R&D driven company is continuously developing solutions for the future and they are currently involved in multi-million dollar R&D on Blockchain, data security, advanced algorithms, edge-computing for clean energy assets (solar, wind, storage, etc)

SmartHelio’s physics and machine learning-based algorithms take into account the data from solar plants (current, voltage, temperature, etc) and combine them with multiple third-party data sources (weather stations, satellites, microclimate, OEM specification, R&D data, etc.) which make them evolutive, smarter, faster and significantly accurate. SmartHelio’s clients can easily integrate these algorithms into their existing IT platform and/or can use this as a stand-alone system.

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How does SmartHelio help you?

Forecasting & Asset Due Diligence: get a realistic future assessment of your asset’s performance.

Predictive Analytics: using the company’s physics-based pattern recognition technology, predict faults and avoid system failures.

Unknown Reasons for Underperformance: detect, categorize and quantify losses of your system that you might not even be aware of.

Recover Missing Data: with over 98% accuracy using SmartHelio’s Machine/Deep Learning models.

Panel-level Analytics: track the performance of your plant at the panel level, know precisely your modules’ health status and increase their life expectancy by 1.5 times.

The impact created in the past one-year: 

i. Up to 3% performance increment for utility-scale solar assets.

ii. Up to 10% performance increment for rooftop solar assets.

iii. Up to 30% reduced O&M expenses.


HelioCloud- Real-time Analytics Platform

HelioCloud: Seamlessly integrate your data and receive unforeseen insights

This unique solution is developed on the understanding of the physics behind the Solar PV systems. The electrical patterns exhibited by solar plants have a significant impact on voltage and current, and HelioCloud detects these signatures in real-time. HelioCloud creates API access to your existing IT/monitoring platform to provide you with real-time analytics and on-demand analysis. 

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As a customized offering, the company also offers to integrate and host their HelioCloud algorithms directly on your platform (existing remote monitoring dashboard) so you can have access to their analytics services on the same dashboard.

In addition to a very convenient software solution, the company also provides their proprietary edge-computing-based IoT sensors- HelioHealth. If the clients’ data has errors or due to connectivity issues some data is lost, they offer this plug & play smart sensors which record data with 99.8% accuracy. 

Launching special modular packages for leading Indian clients

Since its recent funding, the company has been launching products to increase customers’ convenience and automation. After a successful launch in Europe, on Feb 15th, 2022, the company is launching products custom-tailored to the Indian market and selecting its early adopters:

  1. Deep Analytics: You can connect your data to the HelioCloud platform to diagnose and predict faults in your solar plant with just one click, in real-time.
  2. Dynamic Cleaning Analytics: As a unique feature for Indian clients, the company is launching a “Dynamic Cleaning Schedule” tool that, tells you when and where to clean to optimize production, minimize the cost of cleaning and water usage.
  3. Forecasting: Having achieved over 98% accuracy for Indian solar plants, resource forecasting is being launched as a tool for solar companies in India.
  4. Hypervisor Ecosystem: For companies who want a complete ecosystem from data acquisition, monitoring, deep analytics to forecasting, and more.
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