Tender for Selection of Contractor for Installation of Solar Energy System in the Embassy of India, Braslia


The President of India acting through the Embassy of India in Brasilia invites Lump-sum Fixed Price Tender for installation of Solar Energy System in the Embassy of India Chancery Complex on “Turnkey/Design and Build basis”.


The last date of submission of sealed bids is 17.00 hrs on 14 March 2022. Technical bids will be opened on 15.00 hrs on 15 March 2022 in the Embassy of India, Brasilia.


Applicants may send their representative to be present during opening of bids after obtaining prior permission from the Embassy of India, Brasilia.


The Tender shall remain valid for a period of 180 days from the date of opening or till any extended period. Defects Liability period will be twenty four months from date of completion of project.


Scope of work is Installation of a solar energy system on turnkey/design and build basis as per the following specifications:

  1. Decentralized solar photovoltaic electric energy production for self- consumption
  2. Injecting the surplus into the public electricity grid.
  3. Plant Power: 175 kWp
  4. Average Monthly Production: 21.474 Kw
  5. Plant area: 1.028 m2
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The tenderer must have a minimum five years’ experience in executing similar projects in reputed office, preferably in Govt. offices, diplomatic missions, international organizations, MNCs or Public Sector enterprises in Brazil.

The Tenderer must have satisfactorily completed (i) one similar work of value of R$ 520,000 or (ii) two similar works of value of R$ 390,000 or (iii) three similar works of value of R$ 260,000. Similar works means value of fixing/replacement of installation of solar energy system for a premise on turnkey basis.

The annual turnover of the tenderer should be equal to $325,000 during the immediate last 3 consecutive financial years.

Certificate of Solvency for R$ 260,000 y bank. The certificate should not be older than six months. Bank solvency certificate should mention the company’s relationship with bank and details of their assets.

Performance Security is 5% of the contract value shall be submitted in the form of a Bank Guarantee valid for a period of sixty days beyond the date of the completion of all the contractual obligations of the supplier under the contract and discharged after completion of work.

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Commencement of the works shall be effected within Fifteen (15) days from the date of issue of Acceptance letter or Letter of Intent or handing over the site, whichever is later. Such 15 days period being defined as the mobilization period.

The Period of Completion for the whole of the works 120 days calculated from the date of commencement of works.

For more details view below document:

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