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Hong Ha Shipbuilding Company Uses Solar Cells For Its Operation


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Hong Ha Shipbuilding Company is an enterprise that builds and repairs waterways with the main energy used being electricity, industrial gas, and DO oil. With that characteristic, the Board of Directors of the Company has always paid attention to and directed the implementation of economical and efficient energy use plans in order to improve competitiveness in the market and bring businesses to sustainable development.


Since 2009, the Company has fully implemented the legal requirements on economical and efficient use of energy, built an energy management model in 2010. The Company has established an Energy Management Board, appoints an energy manager, and has introduced procedures and regulations on energy management and use to meet current needs and standards of the management system. 

Especially, from 2009 up to now, Hong Ha Shipbuilding Company has been implementing the Energy Management model with the supervision and advice of energy experts from Hai Phong Department of Industry and Trade, Center for Saving Energy and Energy. Hanoi Energy. To save energy, solutions using renewable energy and technological innovation have been implemented by Hong Ha Shipbuilding Company, including: Installing grid-connected solar cells for operators 15kWp, Replacement of projector lamps light up solar street lights, replace 400W bulbs in corrugated iron houses with 100W LED lights; Install soft starter for 220KW air compressor motor; Install inverter for lifting and lowering magnetic crane 8 tons, 10kW motor; Converting the engine starter of the CN 220kW air compressor with a 260kW soft starter.

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At the same time, there are a number of light sensors and real-time clocks for the protective lighting system as well as the factory in order to minimize the wasted lighting time when the power has not yet been turned off when it is morning and weather. Save labor to turn on and off electricity every day. Converting the control systems of old, inefficient equipment and machine tools to a starting system with an inverter to make the equipment work more efficiently and optimally, contributes to energy saving. 

Self-contained automatic metal cleaning line, energy-saving, and environmental protection. The solutions to change and improve production are also applied by the Company and bring high efficiency. Typically: Initiatives to improve the processing of racks and molds in order to reduce equipment running time and increase labor productivity; Replace roof sheet with a light plastic sheet to increase the use of sunlight; The machinery, equipment, and electrical systems are regularly checked and maintained to limit short-circuits and energy leaks.

Besides investing in technological innovation, Hong Ha Shipbuilding Company always focuses on propaganda to each employee about the sense of economical and efficient use of energy. Propaganda methods are carried out including: on loudspeakers, activities of rooms, departments, factories, workshops, production groups and put into monthly and quarterly resolutions to thoroughly grasp each officer. employees.

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Sharing about the effectiveness of applying energy-saving solutions, Ms. Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy – Technical Department of Hong Ha Shipbuilding Company said,  “Thanks to the synchronous application of energy-saving solutions, from 2016- 2020 Hong Ha Shipbuilding Company has saved 1004 MWh, equivalent to more than 1.6 billion dong and reduced about 627 tons of CO2 emissions into the environment.

Lighting in the factory: Using compact light bulbs; automatic lighting installation; install light panels, renovate the door system to take advantage of natural light and ventilation. In order to improve the efficiency of energy use, in the coming time, Hong Ha Shipbuilding Company will continue to improve and innovate the propaganda work to raise the self-consciousness of energy users. Ensure 100% of employees, machine operators are directly trained to operate using energy economically and efficiently. At the same time,  focus on investing in energy-saving high-tech equipment, investing in new environmentally friendly factories on using solar energy, ventilation..

With highly effective energy-saving solutions, Hong Ha Shipbuilding One Member Co., Ltd. has received a number of achievements such as: First prize in the contest “Initiatives to help reduce disaster risks and respond to climate change”. through the economical and efficient use of energy, and the application of cleaner production to small and medium-sized enterprises” organized by Hai Phong Department of Industry and Trade in 2016. Consolation prize in the improvement group competition quality productivity with the topic “Improvement to save energy and safe production environment” organized by the Productivity Institute – General Department of Metrology and Quality in 2017. In 2021, Hong Ha Shipbuilding One Member Limited Liability Company was awarded the “Energy Efficiency in Industry” award by the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Vietnam Association of Science and Technology for Economical and Efficient Use of Energy (VECEA). 

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