Kehua Cooperates With SMIC To Boost The Semiconductor Industry


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Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation (hereinafter referred to as SMIC) is one of the leading integrated circuit wafer foundries in the world and an internationally operating integrated circuit manufacturing enterprise in China. As a reliable industrial power supply solution and product provider, Kehua works with SMIC many times. In 2018, Kehua became one of SMIC’s shortlisted suppliers of the full series of UPS.


SMIC North


Out of trust in the performance and service quality of Kehua’s UPS products, SMIC North chose several sets of Kehua KR33800 series UPS after strict selection. Relying on the full life cycle service guaranteed by its intelligent power, Kehua provided power support for SMIC North’s core devices needed. Recently, Kehua provided again reliable and efficient power support for SMIC North in its P2 expansion project, which re-highlights the leading product advantage of our company.

Beijing SMIC

Kehua KR33800 series UPS was successfully installed and debugged in Beijing SMIC and successfully passed the field test. Relying on the excellent performance of its products, Kehua will provide highly reliable power support for Beijing SMIC’s production line equipment.

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Tianjin SMIC

Kehua has deployed more than 80 sets of high-power industrial-grade UPS products and customized a complete UPS product solution for Tianjin SMIC. This solution meets the input voltage requirements of the imported processing equipment in the fab and provides stable and quality power output for the core precision equipment in the semiconductor production line. In addition, this solution eliminates the impact of power failure, power interference, and other power problems.

Shenzhen SMIC

Kehua won recognition from Shenzhen SMIC with its highly reliable product quality and technology services and has provided it with several sets of UHP power equipment to safeguard the core precision equipment in Shenzhen SMIC’s production line.

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