NHPC Seeks Bids For 75 MW ISTS-Connected Solar Project From EPC Contractors


NHPC Limited has published a notice seeking bids from engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractors or firms to establish a 75 MW interstate transmission system (ISTS)-connected solar power project. The last date for proposal submissions is May 18, 2022, and bids will be revealed on May 25.


The bid documents are Rs 10,000 in cost. All bidders must also provide a Rs 43 million earnest money deposit.


The project must be completed within 15 months after receiving news of the award. The winning bidder will also have to provide complete operation and maintenance (O&M) services for 5 years.


If the bidder fails to execute the project within the time frame specified, liquidated damages of Rs 19,902/day/MW would be deducted from the bidder’s running account bills. The entire amount of liquidated damages should not exceed 10% of the overall project cost.


Within 28 days of obtaining the work order, the selected bidder must submit 3% of the total project cost as performance security. Additionally, 28 days before the end of the defect liability period, the winning contractor must deposit performance security of 3% of the O&M cost.

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To be qualified, bidders must have built or supervised the commissioning of at least one grid-connected solar project with a total installed capacity of 40 MW or higher, with at least one project being 10 MW in size.

Alternatively, bidders could have completed a steel, fertilizers, petrochemical, cement, or power project as a developer or EPC contractor within the previous 10 years.

This reference project’s minimum worth must be Rs.1.5 billion, and it must have been in successful operation for at least one year prior to the bid deadline.

Applicants must have documentation of land ownership in order to put up renewable energy projects. The land must be large enough to house at least half of the applied capacity. The land requirement is calculated as 4 acres/MW.

Furthermore, bidders must have completed at least one electrical substation of 33 kV or higher voltage level as a developer or as an EPC contractor. The project must have been in operation for at least one year prior to the deadline for proposal submission.

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For the entire bid capacity of 75 MW, bidders must have a minimum average annual revenue of Rs 1 billion in the past 3 fiscal years ending March 31, 2021. Bidders must also have had a positive net worth in 3 of the past 5 years, and must have a minimum working capital of Rs 560 million, according to the most recent audited financial statement.

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