The Long-Term Vision Of Mitsui Chemicals Group Aligns With These Government Initiatives – Puneet Kumar Maurya Senior Manager, Mitsui Chemicals


1. What is the vision of Mitsui Chemicals Group behind establishing this laboratory in Ahmedabad?


Recently, the prime minister addressed in a plenary session related to sustainable growth, how a circular economy is the need of the hour. The long-term vision of Mitsui Chemicals Group aligns with these government initiatives. We foresee the potential of Solar Module Testing and Advisory Services benefitting the segment as a whole. Gujarat is one of the top solar manufacturing states. Setting up a NABL-accredited laboratory in Ahmedabad is one big step ahead to become the superlative provider of solar testing and advisory services in India.

2. Please tell us about the spectrum of PV services you provide in India.


There are mainly 2 parts of our services – Lab Testing Services and Power Plant Advisory Services.

Under Lab Testing Services, we provide a range of module and component testing services, starting from BIS standards for design qualification and safety, IEC standards like PID, LeTID, Energy Rating, PAN file, IAM etc. and accelerate IEC testing for ensuring module reliability by following IEC Standards. Most of these tests are covered under our NABL Scope of accreditation.

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Another unique testing which we offer is for Robotic Cleaning System Efficiency. This testing sequence is developed by PI Berlin and we have developed our own testing for the Indian market based on that.

Under Power Plant Advisory, we are offering Technical Due Diligence services which mainly include Energy Yield Assessment (EYA) and Historical Yield Data Assessment (HYA). HYA service is a unique offering that we are doing in Japan by utilizing weather data.

3. Tell us a bit more about these services.

The services we offer comply with the BIS standard of design qualification & safety and IEC certifications. Keeping in mind the module safety and performance, we outdo component tests such as site assessment, routine testing, inspections. In addition, we serve technical due-diligence services, energy assessment, procurement support, historical yield data assessment, and many other advisory services for solar developers and manufacturers.

4. What are your USPs in this segment?

In Testing services:

1. Measurement Uncertainty is among the lowest in the world. This ensures the higher accuracy of the results.

2. Japanese work culture and ethics – Japanese companies are known for their high quality and keeping compliances. The same is adopted into our lab organization.

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In Advisory services:

HYA service is a unique service, currently, we are working with the oldest weather data available, which we are updating and correcting regularly.

5. How has your experience been in leading the solar PV advisory business in India?

Through several government initiatives aiming at the improvement of power generation facilities and the adoption of solar energy, the Indian market exhibits favorable policies, making it a smooth sail for the energy transition. The Solar PV Technical Advisory Services help manage risk and serve assured quality. Although the pandemic has affected the pace of activities, it is progressively recovering.

6. Could you tell us about Mitsui’s world-class BIS testing lab set up in Ahmedabad?

Our Solar Testing Lab in Ahmedabad is an excellent NABL-accredited module testing facility technically supported by PI Berlin. PI Berlin has assisted the lab in the selection of class-apart equipment, quality management system, and lab design. In association with the world’s renowned technical advisor, the technicians and employees are provided with specialized Japanese training serving the most reliable technical solutions.

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7. What can we look forward to from Mitsui this year?

In this fast pacing business segment, we are committed to serving reliability by innovating our processes and not becoming redundant. We gain reliability through NABL-accreditation and BIS approval for testing services. Our team is working incessantly towards setting lab operations and providing high-quality testing services –module reliability, component testing, robot cleaning, etc. We are going above and beyond consulting to serve not just manufacturers and EPC developers, but also investors and policy-makers for solar power projects.

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