People Are Buying More And More From Distributors Because It Makes Their Life Easy. Distribution Is A Complex Business – Pavan Naigandhi, Head of SCM, Krannich Solar


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1. Please brief our readers about the services Krannich Solar provides.


Krannich Solar is today the world’s most trusted global solar distributor. It comes with 25 + years of purely distribution experience in the Solar industry. We offer a full portfolio of components and


plenty of experience for rooftop or free-standing photovoltaic systems. The wide range of revolutionary products under our portfolio conforms to the highest global standards and carries a host of national and international quality certifications.

We supply a full range of products for realizing PV projects. For private households, commercial

enterprises, or even solar parks, as individual sections or all-in-one solutions. And our services involve far more than simply shipping products. They enable our customers to rely on outstanding availability and prompt provision. Along with PV distribution, we provide technical support in project design and development and give training sessions to EPCs.

2. Please tell us, why are more and more people buying products from distributors these days?

Purchasing directly from the manufacturer is a great deal of the operational challenges one has to face. All the burden falls on your shoulders like logistical headaches, transit damage risk, risk of exchange rate and govt duties, customs clearance and warehousing etc. People don’t want to take these risks but rather want to focus more on project installation and getting new projects. Direct

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procurement involves an investment of huge capital stuck for a longer period that may cost you if you lose the project for some reason.

People are buying from a distributor because it makes their life easy as all these operational headaches are taken care of by the distributor letting them concentrate on their project. Purchasing from distributors gives them access to a variety of brands with quick and immediate delivery. The cost of investment is also absorbed by the distributors which gives EPCs more liquid cash to get new projects.

3. Why should a consumer buy from the distributor directly? What are the benefits?

Distribution is a very complex business. While the business is complex it aims to ensure ease of business for its customer and that is where Krannich plays a very important role as a distributor. As mentioned above KRANNICH has huge experience in PV distribution and with the help of that experience, we help our customers to overcome the challenges they face. We as distributors can give them a variety of products, top brands, price advantage, immediate material availability, doorstep delivery and overall we absorb the headache of operational challenges that the customer may have to face otherwise.

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The customer need not worry about any risk of in-transit damage as all our shipments are insured. The customer will get a price advantage and the ability to purchase in smaller quantities.

4. What is your current presence across the country? How are you planning to scale it up?

Our roots are in Germany, but our success as a photovoltaics specialists extends across all continents. We do it with passion! A passion for solar power. In India, we started with one office and a warehouse in Pune in 2018. Currently, we are operating from 3 offices in Pune, Ahmedabad and Delhi and have 8 warehouses across the country. 

We are conquering one milestone at a time and going local with global expertise. We are planning to extend our reach by opening more warehouses in the northern and southern part of the country where there is a huge potential but lacking in expertise. This will ensure even more immediate delivery and effective fulfillment of the small requirement.

5. What is your outlook on the Indian solar market for 2022?

The Indian solar market is in a very exciting phase. While the applicability of customs duty and ALMM coming into effect will have its challenges, it will also open doors of opportunity for the Indian market and Indian manufacturers. The government is also encouraging the Indian manufacturers with PLI schemes of 24k Cr for the solar sector.

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While the decision is awaited on both the factors of duty and ALMM as of date, once in effect it will give the Indian manufacturers a lot of opportunities and at the same time, they will have to adopt new technologies and upgrade their manufacturing capacity. This will also keep the Chinese manufacturers on their toes in terms of quality, pricing and the overall competition that will face from quality Indian products in the future.

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