“Our Technology, Our Products And Our Knowledge Are Well Appreciated By Market And Customers, We Count A Lot On Those Ones” Leonardo Botti, Head of Global SOLAR Business, FIMER


1) How is the year 2022 progressing for FIMER? Have there been any key developments?


The year 2022 started with several challenges on our side coming from the end of 2021. We are working hard to over cross all those and we are confident to have the opportunity to do so. Our technology, our products and our knowledge are well appreciated by market and Customers, we count a lot on those ones.


2) With the ongoing Ukraine Russia war, how do you see the impact on the solar industry in general and FIMER’s business in particular?


This conflict is a disaster. All wars are bad but this one it’s even worse considering how it’s going. Under these circumstances, this conflict is highlighting even more the crucial role of energy as a primary value, and the importance of investments in renewable energies, which are becoming increasingly crucial for the near future. Difficult to foresee the evolutions of the conflicts.

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3) Please give us the USPs of your inverters and their key highlights.

Since ever we are keen in technological advantages, and we are also recognized as such. In the last platforms we have already launched and the ones which we are going to launch in the coming months, digitalization and flexibility are our main targets. Digitalization to fully support every smartest way to manage and control the energy flow as well as the communication of all data to other devices. Flexibility as it helps our partners to simplify and make easier their job at the site.

4) With BCD implementation, how do you see the solar component prices fluctuating and the impact on the industry?

Regrettably, we are experiencing cost increases on many different raw materials and components, as a consequence, this trend may apply to prices too but the overall geopolitical dynamics are still changing.

5) What can we look forward to from FIMER in 2022?

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The market is expecting FIMER to come back stronger than before and we are all working in this direction, confident to succeed.

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