Shizen Energy Group and Alam Nix Renewables Complete 1MW Solar Power Plant in Indonesia

Shizen Energy Group and Alam Nix Renewables Complete 1MW Solar Power Plant in Indonesia

Shizen Energy Inc. (Shizen Energy) and Alam Nix Renewables Pte., Ltd. (ANR) have completed construction of an approximately 1MW solar power plant in Indonesia. The completion ceremony was held on April 19, attended by the Vice Minister of Embassy of Japan in Indonesia Mr. Masami Tamura,  Deputy Ambassador of Embassy of Switzerland Mr. Philippe Strub, and other honored guests. 


Shizen Energy and ANR have established a local subsidiary, PT ATW Alam Hijau (AAH), together with the ATW Group. ATW Group is involved in the sales of solar power generation equipment and the construction of solar power plants. Through its operation, AAH aims to develop the solar power generation business in Indonesia.

This solar power plant was installed by AAH on land adjacent to PT. Anugerah Pharmindo Lestari’s (APL) distribution facility in Cikarang, West Java. APL, a group company of Swiss health care corporation Zuellig Pharma, has a logistics facility in the industrial park in Cikarang and distributes materials. The electricity generated at this solar power plant will be utilized by APL.

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“APL plays an active role in prioritizing the value of sustainability in business. APL will continue to collaborate with strategic parties to achieve ambition in our sustainability mission with other initiatives.“ said Christophe Piganiol, President Director of APL.  

According to the press release from APL, “With the spirit to provide the best for future generations, APL strives to develop sustainability pillars. In addition to the Cikarang NDC facility, APL is also preparing the installation of solar panels for APL Medan and is targeted to be completed in 2022. Through our Sustainability programs, APL hopes that APL can have a positive impact on the environment.”

APL can reduce electricity costs by using price-competitive clean renewable energy without initial investments. In addition, by switching a portion of its electricity consumption to renewable energy sources, APL will contribute to the effective reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in its business activities. This project is expected to generate 1,089MWh of electricity per year and reduce GHG emissions by 669t-CO2 per year. The Indonesian government has declared that the country will achieve carbon neutrality by 2060, and this project will also contribute to achieving that goal.

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