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Solis 255K-EHV-5G 


Renewable industries in India have witnessed aggressive bidding, so looking at current trends and requirement moving toward higher capacity PV module and opting advance technology string inverter to maximized plant generation to achieve faster return on investments (ROI).

The new technologies adaptation either it is in PV module or solar inverter, which helps PV plant to achieve better result and many other advantages in terms of easy of design, project installation, and ease of operation and maintenances which also an added advantage with string inverter technologies.

Solis-255K-EHV-5G ultra-high-power inverter is designed with advanced technology and multiple features, which are helpful to maintain low LCOE along with following features.

  1. DC overloading can do up-to 150% to maintain low LCOE and high-performance ratio at same AC BOS cost.
  2. Higher Short circuit current 40A per MPPT is allow to use of higher watt peak and Bifacial PV Panel.
  3. Max no. of MPPT is offering in this model (14MPPT), which is helpful to minimize the mismatch losses and increase the flexibility of string configuration.
  4. “Q at Night” feature is available to support the reactive power compensation towards the grid.
  5. AFCI feature is available, which is useful to protect the inverter at DC side from the series arc.
  6. PID repairing kit is integrated in the Inverter to minimize the PID effect.
  7. RS485 Modbus and Power Line Communication are available for data-fetching.
  8. String monitoring and IV curve scanning feature is available to diagnose and observe each string performance.
  9. All major components are used of Tier 1 brand to maintain the sustainability. 
  10. This model has integrated LCD display with keypads to monitor and set the parameters.
  11. All required IECs and CEA compliance is done.
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The above points does not limit the features of said Inverters. 

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