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GoodWe Supports Bi-facial High Power Modules Of 1.8 MW In Jamnagar, India


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Seven Solar Energy, a leader in solar professional services, is located in Gujarat-India. It provides techno-commercial services in the energy sector. SEVEN SOLAR Energy is a pioneer in providing consultancy services in the areas of Renewable energy, Energy Productivity, and the Clean Advancement systems. This is due to its relentless work towards sustainability and the support of a highly capable group.

Seven Solar Energy is an industrial company that has been around since 1992. They have extensive industrial experience. In less than one year, they have completed over 20 rooftop industrial projects and more than 200 residential sector projects. They are experts in providing complete Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management administrations (EPC) for business-scale, environmentally friendly power establishments.

Project overview:

Presenting a first-of-its-kind Single Axis solar tracker project with Bi-Facial solar panels in Jamnagar, Gujarat – India. This 1.8MW project is eyeing a 24% Plant Load Factor over the years, which will be the highest yield among present plants. 

  • Its unique design will help reduce the maintenance effort and cost. The plant is powered by GoodWe 250KW -1500VDC inverters with Fuseless design and real-time string monitoring. 
  • The Inverters are enabled with the Smart PID recovery feature which will support the complete plant to work on higher performance by reducing the effect of PID on modules. 
  • Power line carrier communication (PLCC) is adopted for communication to reduce maintenance effort, and cost, and achieve flawless monitoring & operations. 
  • GoodWe provided its 250kW inverter, which is compatible with high power modules and has Smart O&M along with enhanced safety.
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Mr. DIVYANG PATEL, Director- Seven Solar Energy said – “We have developed a single-axis tracker structure with a bifacial solar module of 495 wp capacity and 8 pc of GoodWe inverters of 250 kW which was used first time in Gujarat at one of our plants. We have used a power line communication system for monitoring along with the PID recovery feature in this plant which is a highly robust technology in GoodWe inverters. The GoodWe inverters which we have used in our plant are the only inverters that are best for bifacial facility gain sustainability and pick performance generation. As per the technical aspect, we can achieve a 1:1 ratio for DC to AC conversion. We are very satisfied with the newly launched product of GoodWe inverters which was used in our plant and hats-off to the service team of the company we didn’t face any problem throughout the project.”

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