TGS Green Hydrogen To Construct First Green Hydrogen Plant Of Vietnam


TGS Green Hydrogen will construct the first green hydrogen plant in Vietnam in the southern province of Ben Tre. The construction of the plant will start next month.


Vietnam is looking to boost its clean energy usage and hence working on reducing its dependency on coal. The trial run of the project will start in the first quarter of 2023.

When hydrogen is extracted from water with the help of electrolysis which is powered by renewable energy, it is categorised as green hydrogen. It is still expensive.


The plant would require a 19.5 trillion dongs ($840 million) plant investment and will generate 24,000 tonnes of green hydrogen initially with 150,000 tonnes of ammonia and 195,000 tonnes of oxygen every year.

Later, the annual production capacity would be increased to 60,000 tons of green hydrogen, 375,000 tons of ammonia, and 490,000 tons of oxygen, which is more than double the capacity.

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