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TH Group’s Subsidiary Installs Solar Power System At Vietnam’s Facility

The economical and efficient use of energy not only helps TH Dairy Food Joint Stock Company to reduce production costs, bring high economic efficiency in production and business activities, but also contribute to the sustainable development, environmental protection.

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TH Dairy Food Joint Stock Company is a member company of TH Group, which has implemented the project of dairy farming and high-tech milk processing since 2009 in Nghia Son commune, Nghia Dan district, Nghe An province with total investment capital of 1.2 billion USD. The company has installed a solar power system on the roofs of livestock barns, producing about 4,281 MWh/year of electricity to supply electricity to serve the company’s needs and sell to the grid.


“As a major energy-using enterprise, TH Dairy Food Joint Stock Company always gives orientations in the application and implementation of activities and initiatives on economical and efficient use of energy, and at the same time updating new forms of energy to apply to production. The energy-saving solutions applied by the Company have initially brought effective results. If in 2016 the consumption rate/product unit was 0. .31 kWh/liter, in recent years it has decreased to 0.274 kWh/liter” – said Mr Tran Van Chien, deputy director of maintenance of TH Dairy Food Joint Stock Company.

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Mr Tran Van Chien shared, that the company has installed and applied appropriate systems and technologies to help the production machinery system operate stably and reduce power consumption. These systems are installed at power stations, livestock barns, feed centers, clean water pumping systems, etc. Every year, the company actively promotes propaganda and knowledge dissemination for employees and ministries on the safe and economical use of energy.

According to Ms Luu Thi Thu Hien – Deputy General Director of the company, consumers are increasingly interested in the environmental responsibility of businesses when choosing products, so TH true MILK aims to use clean energy, and consume less energy. sustainable use in production.

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