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LUSIX Unveils Sun Grown Diamonds, Becomes World’s First 100% Solar Powered Lab-Grown Diamond Producer

LUSIX Unveils Sun Grown Diamonds -Becomes world’s first 100% solar powered lab-grown diamond producer

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LUSIX, a prime grower of lab-grown diamonds (LGDs) unveiled its Sun Grown DiamondsTM, revealing that its entire diamond growing operation is now 100% solar-powered located in Southern Israel. LUSIX is the world’s first producer of 100% solar-powered lab-grown diamonds.


LUSIX announced that the entire Company, including all its diamond growing operations, is fully powered by a dedicated 30-megawatt solar farm situated in southern Israel, ensuring that all of LUSIX’s energy consumption is 100% accounted for by solar power. This significant milestone in lab-grown diamond production supports the Company’s mission to sustainably produce the highest quality lab-grown diamonds. LUSIX will supply its solar-powered lab-grown diamonds under the commercial name: Sun Grown DiamondsTM.

“LUSIX is firmly committed to push the boundaries of both technology and sustainability,” said Benny Landa, LUSIX chairman and founder. “The diamond growing process is highly energy-intensive. By employing 100% solar power, LUSIX is contributing significantly to the reduction of emissions in the diamond industry, helping to protect our planet for future generations. Being the first company to power its entire diamond growing operation with solar energy, we are setting new sustainability standards – and are making a very powerful statement: lab-grown diamonds of even the very highest quality can be produced sustainably, meeting an ever-increasing consumer desire for luxury goods that are thrilling to own and sustainably created.”

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“LUSIX is committed to the highest level of sustainable practices and is sustainable-certified by SCS Global Services, an independent verification authority,” said LUSIX CEO Dr Silviu Reinhorn. “With Sun Grown DiamondsTM we offer our customers not only confidence in the sustainable production methods we use to create our products but also greater transparency as to their origin. Harnessing the power of the sun to grow one of nature’s most precious gifts, diamonds, is a truly remarkable milestone for LUSIX.”

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