Trine And ecoligo Join Forces To Accelerate The Energy Transition In Vietnam

Trine and ecoligo: Joint Forces to Accelerate the Energy Transition in Vietnam

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Trine, the Swedish impact investment platform, dedicated to financing solar energy projects, and, ecoligo, a Berlin-based solar-as-a-service provider, have joined their forces to accelerate the energy transition in Vietnam. Together, the two companies will enable commercial and industrial businesses in the Southeast Asian country to switch to solar energy, significantly decreasing the businesses’ energy costs and environmental footprints, while offering European investors the possibility to do good with their money.


Trine investors will be able to finance two solar systems for Kim Duc, a producer of reusable plastic bags and medical masks close to Ho-Chi-Minh City. Later on, many more of ecoligo’s solar projects for various Vietnamese companies will become available for investments.

As Vietnam’s economy is growing, so is the country’s demand for electricity. In order to meet this rising hunger without negatively impacting the environment, ecoligo equips C&I clients in emerging markets with fully-financed solar systems. Handling everything from financing to installation and maintenance, the German company acts as a one-stop-shop for solar energy, allowing its clients to focus on running their businesses and growing sustainably. This way, the industrial sector in emerging countries like Vietnam can actively contribute to the country’s clean energy revolution.

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By connecting Trine’s crowd investor base with solar projects in Vietnam, the two European companies democratize the country’s energy transition, demonstrating the global power of the crowd. Through their collaboration, Trine and ecoligo enable investors to actively accelerate the development of solar energy in the Southeast Asian country, showcasing that environmental and economic benefits go hand in hand.

Sam Manaberi, CEO & Co-founder of Trine said, “In teaming up with ecoligo, Trine unlocks the enormous potential for the development of solar energy in the Southeast Asian country and enables businesses to benefit from clean, affordable energy. This will have positive long-term effects on the country’s economy as well as the global climate.”

Markus Schwaninger, CFO & CO-Founder of ecoligo, said, “We are thrilled about the collaboration with such a well-known impact investment platform as Trine. The connection to their international investor base will not only allow us to speed up our operations in Vietnam, it will also increase the awareness of the need for a clean energy transition in emerging markets.”

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