EKI Energy Services Ltd. Are Climate Experts With 13+ Years Of Experience In Enabling Businesses Globally To Reduce Their Carbon Footprint Through Strategic Solutions

    14 years of EKI’s journey to rehabilitate the planet

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    We, EKI Energy Services Ltd. are climate experts with 13+ of experience in enabling businesses globally to reduce their carbon footprint through strategic solutions.


    We are a one-stop destination for sustainable solutions for climate action, starting from the estimation of emission levels to developing definitive roadmaps with concrete steps to reduce emissions. Once companies are able to track their carbon footprint, we work with them to help them to reduce it. For this, we offer a host of best practices and advisory services that they can adapt like carbon sequestration, energy-efficient measures like nature-based solutions, LEDs, and efficient HVAC systems amongst others.

    If companies are not able to reduce their emissions through these sustainable options, we help them to procure carbon offsets from the markets and this invariably helps them to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve net zero in the long run.

    We have grown to become one of the leading companies in the climate change sector not just in India but globally. From an organization that started this journey with a team of 5 people, we have today grown into a global team of 180+ professionals. Today, we are a global leader offering a comprehensive bouquet of best-in-class climate solutions enabling companies to achieve their climate ambitions. We are the most trusted and preferred climate partner for 2500+ clients across 40+ countries.

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    We were listed on the BSE (SME segment) in April 2021 becoming the first listed company in the carbon credits sector in India and globally. Today, we contribute about 90% to the total carbon credit exports from India and have supplied over 180million offsets as of date.

    Our service verticals include Carbon Offset Management (end-to-end management of carbon emissions for reductions); Renewable Energy Attributes (end-to-end management of renewable energy certificates); Community Development Programmes (strategic initiatives like energy efficient cooking, Nature-based solutions (NBS) that enable community upliftment); and Sustainability Services, that together help the planet strive towards a greener and safer tomorrow.

    We work with the top 500 Fortune companies and also have a JV with Shell Overseas Investments BV (a unit of Shell plc) to work on reducing carbon emissions in India through Nature-based solutions. Full client list here:

    We also have a contract from Indore Smart City Development Limited (ISCDL), wherein we offer a comprehensive bouquet of end-to-end consulting services for carbon credit solutions to ISCDL. With this, we enable ISCDL to elevate its aggregator business model through which it offers sustainable solutions to urban and rural governance bodies enabling other smart cities to become climate-sensitive. We also help ISCDL to monetize its emission reduction initiatives and realize additional revenues which can be used to support and fund its multiple welfare and developmental initiatives. Consequently, local bodies of other cities that join hands with ISCDL are also able to monetize their climate initiatives.

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    With the help of EKIESL, ISCDL was able to catalyze environmentally sustainable and financially viable waste management practices. EKIESL enabled the ULB to earn carbon credit from effective waste management and with this additional revenue, the municipal body was able to effectively fund its other welfare projects. We can easily replicate our strategic solutions in other municipal corporations and smart city missions enabling them to reduce their carbon footprint and also generate an additional revenue source.

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